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Order Your Veg Box

We deliver our veg bags on Tuesday and Wednesday each week. If you would like to order a veg bag please do the following:


1. Select chosen order from the list below - you will be taken to the GoCardless website to set up your payment


2. Once you've set up your payment fill in the corresponding joining form below

3. We will contact you to confirm that we've received your order and payment and ask if there are any additions you'd like to make to your order and give you all the details about your deliveries :)

1. Pay for your order (clicking your order link will take you to a third party website to set up your payment securely as a standing order)

2. Tell us more about you and your preferences by filling in the form below

Order a Veg Box Now

Select your product:

Organic Vegetables

Thanks for ordering!

3. Thank you, we will be in touch soon with all the details about your order :)

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