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If you have any questions regarding your order, signing up or anything else to do with the veg boxes, please feel free to give us a call on

07949 189 192. In the meantime, here are a few questions we are often asked, it may be that the information you need is here so please take a look :)

Where do you deliver to?

We deliver to locations across postcodes: LL24, LL25, LL40, LL41, LL42, LL43, LL44, LL45, LL46, LL47, LL48, LL49. Many of these postcodes cover large areas and, unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that we can deliver to all addresses. If you are uncertain whether we deliver to your area please check with us by sending us an email: or a call on 07949 189 192. If you place your order and we are unable to deliver to your address we will cancel your subscription and give you a full refund.


Can I choose the contents of my veg box?

At Ffestiniog Veg Box we want to work with farmers to reduce waste and encourage seasonal eating. This means that we use a traditional farm vegbox model: we prioritise seasonal produce and choose the content of the boxes accordingly. This means that we do not offer complete choice over what is in your vegbox. We do, however, understand that some people just cannot stomach certain things and want to offer some flexibility. When you sign up for the vegbox we will contact you and give you the option to swap some veg items from your order forever (eg. if you choose onions your bag will never contain onions) this will be replaced with another seasonal item on a weekly basis.

Although we don't offer complete choice over what's in your vegbox, we do want to help you get inspired and maybe even learn to love some of the fruit and veg you don't feel excited about at the moment. Our weekly enewsletter will contain a great recipe or two (all recipes are available on our Recipe Page) and we will be partnering with the Eating Gorilla to bring you a quarterly Seasonal Special that you try at home.

If you would like to order an extra portion of something in addition to your weekly order (eg. I would like lemons every week) this would be added at an additional cost, worked out according to product and quantity requested. If that item happens to also be in your box that week then it will be swapped with another item to avoid duplication. Please email us with any requests here.

I have a problem with my order or it's not at the collection point, what should I do?

If you have any problems at all regarding your order please call us directly on: 07949 189 192. The collection points who kindly host us are not able to help but we will endeavour to correct any problem as soon as possible so please do not hesitate to contact us.

Can I change my order mid-month?

You can change your order at any time. Send us an email here and we will set up your new subscription without you needing to place another order. Please let us know by the Saturday before you wish your order change to take effect.

I am going away or don't need my order for a week or two, can I pause it?

If you would like to pause your order for a holiday please let us know by Saturday morning of that week so we can pause your order for the following week/s. We will refund you for the weeks that your order will not be packed if your payment has already left your account. Please contact us to confirm you wish to restart your order on your return. If we don't hear from you we will give you a call before we restart your order. You can also gift your box/es to a friend while you're away. Just let us know and put us in touch so we can arrange delivery for them.

How can I stop my order?

If you wish to stop your order you can contact us to let us know you'd like to stop your order. We'll refund you for any remaining weeks you've paid for and ask you for any feedback you may have for us. Please let us know one week in advance that you want to stop your order, if you do not let us know by the Saturday morning before you want to stop your order we will not be able to refund you.

What happens at Christmas?

Even farmers need a break and supply can dwindle dramatically in the week between Christmas and New Year. Depending how the holidays fall we will most likely deliver a "bumper" box just before Christmas (the value of two boxes) and then close for a week. This should help you meet those extra demands of big meals and guests and we'll try and get a few treats in there for you as well. We will always keep you informed in the weeks before Christmas so you can plan.

Why aren't you certified Organic?

We are not currently certified Organic because we are partnering with small local growing projects such as CSAs and community gardens who do not have the resources to certify. Other than these local projects all of the contents of our vegboxes are Organic and traceable to source. We are committed to supporting sustainable agriculture and closely monitor the amount of Organic land and community growing spaces we support.

There's no collection point near me, can you open one?

We are always looking for new collection points. Once we establish demand in an area (and find a host) we will get one set up as soon as possible. If you have ideas for a possible location (or you would like to host a collection point) please get in touch and encourage others to do the same :)

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